Sunday, April 1, 2012


I wanted to share with you some exciting news!

After writing Dividend Growth Investor website for over a decade, I am starting a newsletter which is focusing on premium content for subscribers. I am launching this service, particularly to address a common question I receive quite often from readers. Most readers ask either for a summary of my best ideas or for a listing of my dividend portfolio holdings. One of the challenges I have is that I would not recommend purchasing many of the companies I own today due to valuation. However, I think that my newsletter will address the need for a snapshot of dividend holdings for the long-term and a list of attractively valued companies that the portfolio will purchase each month.

In my newsletter, I will run a real world dividend portfolio. I will make purchases every single month in the best values I can find at the moment. I will start by allocating a $1,000 per month to the portfolio. Each month, I will try to invest in 10 dividend companies using a commission free broker.

Each newsletter will include the ten companies to be bought for the Dividend Growth Portfolio. You will be able to obtain an analysis of each company included in the portfolio through the newsletter. In my analysis, I will focus on dividend safety, dividend growth potential and valuation. I try to invest that money with utmost care, because I know that I will rely on that dividend income stream in the future.

As the dividend portfolio matures, I will walk you through the process of managing portfolio weights, working on diversification and monitoring the portfolio.

The newsletter with ten dividend ideas will always come out on the last Sunday of the month.The orders will be executed at the open on Monday morning. Subscribers will receive confirmation about the purchases that are made in a follow up email later that day.

Each month, we will also include a brief overview of the portfolio performance. The ultimate goal of this portfolio will be to generate $1,000 in safe monthly dividend income. Therefore, I have the commitment to stick to this portfolio for a few years.

Dividends will be reinvested in the best values at the moment. They will be reinvested in the best values of the month along with the new cash deposits into the brokerage account. Once dividends earned in a given month reach $100 however, I may make investment decisions on an ad-hoc basis if I find a good value for the money that is short-lived. Subscribers will receive alerts for any real time trades made for the portfolio.

In order to thank you for being a loyal reader, I am offering the newsletter for a low introductory price of $7/month. There is a 7 day free trial, during which your card will not be charged. After that, you can still cancel at any time, but you will be charged. For less than 20 cents/day, you will receive a listing of 10 quality companies that my real world portfolio will purchase every month. I believe that this is a bargain.

If you subscribe using the annual plan, your cost will be only $76/year. With the annual plan, you are essentially getting one month free.

You can subscribe using this Paypal form:

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Once you subscribe, I will add you to my exclusive email list, and you will be able to receive premium information about the dividend growth investor portfolio.

The price will increase over time, so you have a limited chance to grab this subscription today. If you subscribe today however, your price will never increase. I guarantee it.